Reflexions de la Louisiane
Bienvenue ... As a native of Canada transplanted in Louisiana my love for the outdoors has only grown. Born and raised in Quebec I have the pleasure of exploring and photographing the wonders that is The Gulf Coast and wild Louisiana. We live in such a vast and diverse land that is so quickly vanishing. I hope you enjoy the offerings of my work. Please help us in fighting to protect it, as one day all we will have left are photographs and displays in a museum to remember it by.

Scenery photographs of Louisiana

The natural beauty of the swamps and lands of South Louisiana are a treasure to behold. Here you will find photographs of South Louisiana you may or may not have taken the time to experience. Our wetlands are disappearing too fast from mans expansions, pollutions and other elements detrimental to our natural lands. Please enjoy our captured images of places that will be gone all to soon from lack of caring about what makes Louisiana so unique.
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When you stop and let nature come to you, you will see that the air is filled with birds and waterfoul. Natural residents and visiting flocks of birds migrating abound if you only stop and experience. In our hurried lives we forget to just take a moment and look up to see the wonders that the sky has to offer. Stop, Look, Listen the air is filled with wonder.
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Alligators, Alligators & more Alligators

The last remaining cousins to the dinosaurs. These now protected creatures are common through out the coastal wetlands. Alligators are feared and loved. Misunderstood by most as hungry eating machines, people forget that it is man who is encroaching on their domain not them encroaching on man. Treated with respect these animals can coexist in harmony if only man would just learn to respect them and not seek out to destroy what he doesn't understand.

Babies, birds & alligators and others

Babies, Babies and more Babies
No matter if it has feathers, fur or scales, watching babies can be so enjoyable. The playfulness of learning to survive combined with their natural curiosity is such a rewarding experience to watch.

Critters great and small.

Critters Large and Small
Scales, shells, wings and more make up these pictures that can put fear in the minds of some and excite the curiosity of others.

Critters great and small.

Wikipedia states that Lagniappe means a small gift given to a customer by a merchant at the time of a purchase, such as a 13th beignet when buying a dozen, or more broadly something given or obtained gratuitously or by way of good measure. Cajuns say it is "Just a little something extra." Enjoy

Louisiana and Beyond, now in print.

Louisiana and Beyond
Our new book is filled with 120 pages of photographs showing the wildlife and scenery that makes the Bayous and Swamps of South Louisiana so unique. From the breath taking beauty of the scenery to the inhabitants that fill it with magic our photographs show how beautiful our wild areas really are, up close and personnel. It will make an excellent addition to any coffee table. And its great for all ages.
Louisiana and Beyond

Links & Friends

Friends and Links
Here you will find links to our friends and samples of their work as well. Organizations that have the best interest of our wildlife and environment in mind. These links are offed not as solicitation but avenues for you to look at and see the work they are doing. Take time to visit if you will.
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